Texture, Light, and Color are Also Minimalism

When people think of minimalist interior design, often their first thoughts are of stark, white spaces with a cold, utilitarian feel. At Mar Studio, we view minimalism differently. A minimalist room doesn’t have to be a plain or sparse one.

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” — Thomas a Kempis

Minimalism is about elevating the things you love. A perfect sofa, a beautiful painting, the bright color of a bold blanket. It’s a celebration of the quality items in your life, brought about by limiting the quantity. Minimalist homes are decluttered, clean, fresh places that are a joy to inhabit, and our interior stylists bring out the best of these qualities with elegant and timeless design.

In order to create stylish and contemporary minimalist aesthetics, we utilize light, texture, and color. From feature light fixtures and bespoke furniture to rustic accent wood and shining polished marble, Mar Studio uses the finest quality designer and custom furniture and fittings to create unique modern homes.

To create a minimalist look in your own home, consider rich and rustic textures like wool, cotton, suede, leather, and silk. Rugs and throw pillows add bold splashes of texture and color without taking up space. Switch them out each season to effortlessly change the mood of your room, from light and fresh in the summer to warm and cozy in winter.

Paint with light using sheer curtains and stained glass to diffuse sunlight, mirrors to redirect light into dark corners, and bold statement chandeliers and bespoke light fittings to draw the eye and brighten up your home.

Minimalist interior design doesn’t have to be all hard surfaces and sharp edges. Organic materials like rustic timbers and natural stone add texture while retaining a soft, neutral palette. At Mar Studio, our interior designers take inspiration from nature and traditional crafts to blend history and modern design into elegant, luxury living.

“One can furnish a room very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.” — Francis Jourdain

Muted colors can make a house seem large and airy, but too much whiteness becomes blinding and sparse. Modern minimalist design incorporates splashes of bright color to draw the eye and emphasize statement pieces. We also utilize color to bring the exterior of a home into the interior, reflecting the blues and grays of the ocean, the greenery of lush foliage, or the yellows and oranges of sand and sunshine indoors.

We believe the minimalist homes we design should be beautiful, practical and a joy to live in. The appropriate use of texture, light and color create elegant and timeless interiors that are always chic, while retaining their own unique personalities. At Mar Studio, minimalism is a bold option, never a boring one.

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” — William Morris

If you’d like us to be part of your next interior design project, contact us now to discuss your dream design.

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