Your home is our passion

Your home is our passion. We thrive because we love what we do and we want you to love it too. Nothing is too small, no detail overlooked. When you work with Mar Studio, our inventive team are involved at every step. From fabrics and finishes to bespoke furniture, striking art, and dramatic lighting, each concept we present is backed by hours of careful consideration.

Building your home is an exciting time, seeing the plans come together, your vision taking shape. You deserve the very best, and with input from the experts at Mar Studio, you can ensure every aspect is considered, evaluated, and executed to the highest standards.

From innovative kitchens and dining rooms to elegant bedrooms, cozy reading nooks and breathtaking living rooms, every element is considered, honed, and crafted. We source only the finest materials, including brushed metals, polished marble, natural timbers, and handmade fabrics.